Methods To Staying Pest Free

In order to keep your investment (home) and family safe, it is best to keep a routine yearly maintenance chart. Plumbing, wiring, ventilation vents, Home pest control is a vital key to overall safety in your household. There are a few solutions in preventing nuisances such as ants, roaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and termites alike.

Emptying out your trash in every room on a daily basis stops pests from being attracted into your home. Once any of them finds a source of food in your home (generally comes trash cans, or messes left in open site) they tend to let their peers know, which causes the outbreak in most houses.

Standalone puddles of water are also another source of food that attracts pest. Just like any other living thing, water helps them survive. Always make sure to dry down areas such as your kitchen/bathroom sinks, countertops, and floors.

Pests carry diseases, contaminate food, chew wires, and can destroy interiors/exteriors of homes. In addition, if a household has any pets such as dogs, cats, etc., pests can pose as a health risk to them as well. While there is no known way to completely keep them from re-entering your home, consistently keeping your house treated foils easy access.

Welcome October

October (free clip art)

October (free clip art)

Although I’m not looking forward to fewer daylight hours, and the cold weather of winter approaching, I do enjoy the crisp air in October, and I love fresh apple cider and the pretty leaves of the deciduous trees as they change colors before they drop to the ground. And I enjoy thinking about the Holidays, when I hope to spend time with my friends and family that I have not been able to see during other parts of the year.

What You Need to Do Before You Paint Your House

Painting your house’s exterior every few years is a very good way to protect your most expensive investment. As you consider which paint to use, consider the following factors to make the best choice.

  1. Quality beats price. If you buy cheaper exterior paint, it’s true that you can save in the short run. However, a higher quality paint usually needs to be painted over less over the years. You also can use fewer coast. Exterior paint technology is better in the last few years, and the color will last longer than before – especially if you use a higher quality product.
  2. New exterior paint never sticks well to surfaces that are rough and dirty. So, you will need to power wash the siding and trim completely. Then, sand it. Scrape and sand as much as needed to ensure that surface is flat and smooth. This will make your new, good exterior coating on your home really stand out.
  3. Paint will not stick to old wood and siding. Putting new paint on rotting wood or old siding usually is a bad idea. Consider replacing the siding and wood with totally new products. You also can used a good wood hardener and match it with a good filler. You will need to prepare and sand either option before you paint it.


I absolutely love floor lamps

I think I have told you before about my love of floor lamps. Well I think they are so much prettier and more decorative than a table lamp any day. I love a halogen floor lamp when I’m reading or watching TV. You can make them as bright as you need or as dim as you need. To me, that’s the best feature.

Of course if you shop around for floor lamps, I bet you’ll find one you like as much as I have found. What fits my style and personality may not fit yours because my favorites are the contemporary floor lamps. Now matter what style you like, I bet you’ll find at least one that you like if you look hard enough.