Three Reasons to Purchase an Industrial Refrigerator Online

In just about every food service operation, the ability to keep foods cold for extended periods of time often arises. To address this concern, the use of an industrial or commercial refrigerator is standard practice. While visiting showrooms and wholesale supply centers is the industry norm, many savvy business owners are realizing that shopping and purchasing a unit online can increase specification accuracy, achieve a lower price, and reduce delivery costs. In short, buying restaurant or food service equipment online makes great business sense.

Specification Accuracy

The specifications regarding size, style, and temperature are generally unforgiving in any food service application. Therefore, finding a unit that fits the needs of the business and has the ability to serve the organization for future growth is the goal of owners. The specifications from an online retailer have a greater chance of including all of the information potential buyers need to know and can be referred to when searching other models. The online process is easier and less intimidating thanks to the removal of a salesperson.

Lower Prices

Since online retailers and wholesalers do not have a traditional sales force, multiple locations, or other aspects of brick and mortar businesses, the ecommerce centers pass off those savings in the form of lower prices. Food service equipment can cost a lot of money, and business owners looking to start fresh or replace a refrigerator can reduce the investment by purchasing from the vast online inventory of a digital wholesaler.

Delivery Options

Another factor facing business owners is getting the unit from the manufacturer to the location of the business. Purchasing online gives owners access to a variety of delivery options. In short, the refrigerator is taken from the maker to the restaurant directly with no stops in between. The units can even be installed by professional staff, which increases the efficiency of the entire operation.

In the end, purchasing food service equipment online increases specification accuracy, allows owner to take advantage of lower prices, and increases the number of delivery options. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to save money and reduce investments in equipment, shopping online for traditional tools of the trade is a great way for any organization to accomplish this goal. In short, any company looking to save some cash and increase efficiency can benefit from checking out the vast inventory of any online wholesale supplier.

Quick and Easy Shopping

When you live way out in the country like we do, shopping online can be a huge convenience. The closest shopping center that has more than just a grocery store and hardware store to where we live is a ninety minute drive away! So when we need just one or two items, like some Martins guitar strings, it is more efficient with our time, energy, and money, to go online and order them. Even if we have to pay shipping costs, by the time you figure in the transportation cost for us to drive into the city to get them, we are saving money by ordering them online. And you can’t beat the close parking spots, either!

I hope you had a Happy Mothers Day!!!

Guest post by Lillian Southwash

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Furniture Shopping Online

I get so very annoyed when I am shopping online and the website does not give me a price. For example, I was shopping for a cute little accent table and found the perfect one by Bernhardt Furniture online. The website does not list a price, and tells me to call for a price! I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like using the telephone for a variety of reasons, so I tend to abandon the website and look elsewhere. There have been a few times when I have fallen for the “call us for a price” call to action and then I ended up being hounded by high-pressure sales people for weeks on end! In some cases I’ve even had to use my phone’s “Block caller” function to stop the salesperson from repeatedly calling me!