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I promised my sister that I would help her pay for the mixer from Musicians friend that her son is wanting so badly. After we find the best deal I will go ahead and purchase it for her/him since she is struggling to raise 3 kids on her own and can’t really afford to buy this kind of things for them. All of her kids love music, all kinds of music, and it just makes sense to go ahead and encourage them when possible and I can make this possible, so why not?

A neighbors daughter

Posted by Kate on July 7, 2014
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I have a neighbor that lives across the street from me. She has the cutest baby girl you have ever laid eyes on with white curly hair and baby blue eyes. She’s just a doll and her mother dresses her in the cutest baby girl clothes I have ever seen. I had to ask her where she had gotten them so that I could perhaps purchase cool baby clothing for some friends of mine.

Would you believe she got them online? I was really glad to hear that because I love shopping online anyway. I checked out the site and found so many cool baby clothes that I was totally amazed. They have boy clothes, girl clothes, costumes, rock and roll clothes and I mean the vintage kind too. This is what she had on her daughter. Don’t you just love this:


Losing another friend

Posted by Kate on July 1, 2014
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Well darn it if another of my friends isn’t moving away. I had talked with them about satellite television services,and they contacted them about three weeks ago and had it installed. Then just this Friday, her husband found out that he was going to be transferred to New York because his job here was transferring. He either has to take his family and move or run the risk of being one of the many unemployed.

Got to save money these days!

Posted by Kate on June 25, 2014
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There is nothing I love more than saving money. Well maybe my family but saving money is a close second to them. Coupons are a great way to save money. On line coupons not only save you money with the coupons but also with the gas you save not having to go anywhere to use them. I just went into Famous Footwear, and they gave me a coupon code that gave me even more savings on the already discounted footwear I bought. They have discounts for the Just my size web site and not to mention, free shipping too. I just found the perfect bathing suit for me. It’s not that easy to find one in my size that I like either.

Talk about good deals, Travelocity has some unbelievable discounts. And then when you decide where you’re headed, Orbitz has some of the best promotional codes I have ever seen. I was totally amazed. I have wanted one of those new Sirius radios and would you believe they have coupons for them too? You know the one I’m talking about, the satellite radio systems? Oh I just found a coupon for the lap top computer I have had my eye on at Dell. I better quit looking for now or I’ll have to get another job to pay for all the things I want………but think of all I saved too!

What exactly is a tube screamer?

Posted by Kate on June 19, 2014
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When Todd and I were over at Rick’s house, they went downstairs to play with Rick’s new tube screamer while Sue and I had a piece of pie and coffee up in the kitchen. I had never heard of a tube screamer before; all I heard was what sounded like someone playing a bass guitar. Well, not wanting to appear stupid, when we got home, I went onto YouTube to see what all of the excitement was about, and this is the video that I found. I’m still not quite sure what all the fuss was about, but Todd and Rick were happy as pigs in mud playing with it!