Quick and Easy Shopping

When you live way out in the country like we do, shopping online can be a huge convenience. The closest shopping center that has more than just a grocery store and hardware store to where we live is a ninety minute drive away! So when we need just one or two items, like some Martins guitar strings, it is more efficient with our time, energy, and money, to go online and order them. Even if we have to pay shipping costs, by the time you figure in the transportation cost for us to drive into the city to get them, we are saving money by ordering them online. And you can’t beat the close parking spots, either!

I hope you had a Happy Mothers Day!!!

Guest post by Lillian Southwash

Mothers Day was great for all of us. My grandmother even came up from the beach so we could all celebrate the mothers in our family. Mothers Day is sort of like a major holiday around our house mostly because my grandmother is the rock that we all lean on and try so hard to follow in her footsteps. No I don’t have children but one things for sure, I have the perfect example of what a mother truly is in my grandmother. Oh sure my mother is a good Mom but Grandma has always been special to not only me but everyone in the family. I hope you have an example like her to follow. I’m just not sure I’ll ever come close to filling her shoes but I’m sure going to try.

Furniture Shopping Online

I get so very annoyed when I am shopping online and the website does not give me a price. For example, I was shopping for a cute little accent table and found the perfect one by Bernhardt Furniture online. The website does not list a price, and tells me to call for a price! I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like using the telephone for a variety of reasons, so I tend to abandon the website and look elsewhere. There have been a few times when I have fallen for the “call us for a price” call to action and then I ended up being hounded by high-pressure sales people for weeks on end! In some cases I’ve even had to use my phone’s “Block caller” function to stop the salesperson from repeatedly calling me!

Taxes taxes taxes

I usually get a tax refund every year, so I file my taxes early. This year, however, I made the mistake of taking the advice of some well-meaning people (I should know better) and changed my with-holding amounts from my checks so I would get more money every month to spend. Now I have to pay taxes this year! Not only that, I have to pay a penalty for not having had enough money with-held form my checks! ARRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!

I Love to Save Money

piggy bank (free clip art)

piggy bank (free clip art)

Even though the economy appears to be improving, I still try very hard to shop smart and look for savings on everything that I plan to buy. I try very hard to avoid impulse purchases – those types of purchases are the ones that end up costing the most! My friends often tease me that I am being “cheap” and swear that I have the first dollar that I ever earned. For the record, I don’t have the first dollar I ever earned – one of my siblings stole it out of my piggy bank when we were kids!