Is It Possible to Swim in Your Outdoor Pool in the Winter?

Few people have room for an indoor pool in their home, but that doesn’t stop most pool owners from wishing they could swim on their private property year-round. Even if you live in a warmer climate like in Arizona, though, it’s just too hard to keep your outdoor pool a comfortable enough temperature in the cooler months – unless you invest in a pool heating system.

Rely on a Solar System

Keeping your pool warm in the winter is possible with a solar pool heating system. After the water experts install your solar panels, you won’t have to worry about rising utility bills because you won’t pay for the energy generated to heat your pool. With a solar heating system, you’ll extend your swimming season from about June through September to March through November – or even longer in a hotter climate. It doesn’t even need to be sunny out for the system to store energy and generate heat in the water.

Ask about solar pool heating system discounts and Arizona state tax credits for the installation of a solar system today. You may find the installation far more affordable than you initially expected, especially after tax credits. If you want to swim this winter, it’s well worth the investment.

Yes I’m frugal!

There, I’ve admitted it! What can I say, I’m frugal. If there’s a dollar or even a penny to be saved, I’ll find it. It doesn’t matter what I’m looking for, I have learned of a great web site to find discount coupons for just about everything. I even found Beach Bums discount coupons. A girl has to be fashionable at the beach you know.

Then you just won’t believe what else I was able to find. Since I have been helping my sister redecorate, I even found Overstock discount coupons too. That’s a great site to find deals on most anything for the home and more. I just love saving money!! Leaves more for ME!!!

I do adore plants

I have several plants inside and out both. The ones in my house helps clean my air and they have to look great too and that’s why all of the planters in my living room are high end planters.  Nothing dresses up your plants like a nice planter. I have checked into a lot of different indoor planters and personally, I like these about the best of all I have found. In fact, my favorite outdoor planter came from the same place.

I have window box planters on the front of my house and even have a window box planter at my kitchen window that has herbs in it. All I have to do is open my window and pick what I need from inside my kitchen. Pretty neat huh? I have a garden planter with zucchini in it and another one with cucumbers too on my deck. I guess you could say that plants and decorative planters are my passion.

Special jewelry

When Robbie told me that he was going to buy some firefighter jewelry from to give to Jessica as a gift, I thought he was joking. But then he explained that he was going to purchase a charm that looked like a firefighter’s helmet for her to put on her new charm bracelet, it started to make more sense. Jessica has a charm bracelet that has charms on it that remind her of the special people in her life, and since Robbie is a firefighter, that would be a great addition to her charm bracelet! He showed me the website that he was ordering the charm from, and I thought the charm was very pretty!